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The tagline “people are our most valued resource” has been so abused by the corporate world that it no longer means anything to anyone. I suspect that in the near future it will be eventually qualified as an offensive truism, and rightfully so. The sooner it disappears off the face of the planet, the better of humanity at large will be.

The debate on the humanism of business continues to be part of a public discourse infused with various degrees of political innuendo – see the 99% movement, the shareholder value argument, etc.

I propose a simple new take on what business is: a form of human expression.

Those who have not been involved with business ventures assume entrepreneurs are driven first and foremost by material considerations. There is certainly some truth to that. But I believe the underlying impulse behind entrepreneurship is “freedom of expression”. The more enlightened entrepreneurs want to replicate the experience for others. They see business as an excuse for giving talented professionals the chance to express themselves, to test their limits and solidify their identity as individuals. The emergent phenomenon is shared prosperity, shared learning, shared responsibility. It is the reinforcement of the human fabric that animates a progressive society.