The human predicament is caught in the perpetual dance between innovation and resistance to change. From global politics to office politics to our most introverted moments, we feel the tension between new and safe on practically every level of our existence. We glean the increasing complexity of our surrounding environment from this most basic lens. And so, as we look to the knowledge intensive future, we have but one choice: to upgrade our thinking and understanding so that the complex becomes familiar. Some things do not change. Our successful evolution is still dependent on those attributes that helped us emerge from the stone age: problem solving common sense. In the 21st century we have many fancy names for this age old ability that separates man from animal, and man from machine: sustainable development, growth enablement, ideation, ecosystems and synergy, co-creation, and others. We have systematically built a taxonomy that (almost too) neatly organizes reality into disciplines each with its own experts and specialists with hard earned degrees and professional distinctions. And yet, common sense and mutual understanding seem rarer than ever before. This blog will look to shed light into ways the human race can organize so that it leads its own future. Management, human development, and social organization are fair topics in the search for islands of clarity in the raising sea of global complexity.

While this blog may seem biased to the theoretical, most of the entries are in fact case studies that have been sanitized for the real people, facts, events and circumstances that form the basis for the writing.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wow! You are far more eloquent than I hope to be but I do think we share the same ideas. I found your comment via the druckerchallenge website where you took the time to comment on the article* by Lynda G. I found your thoughts interesting and now i have also found this.Thanks for the inspiration and yes, I do believe we have a lot in common. If you have twitter, feel free to follow me there! http://www.twitter.com/goldsharc

    Let’s keep in touch!

    Sincerely, Nicolas Waern

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