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Below is the equivalent of Sinatra’s “My Way” for my professional odyssey to date.

Starting with prototype technology development as catalyst for the advanced automation market in the U.S., continuing with the sculpting of two starts-ups in Europe and most recently with disseminating thought leadership on strategy and transformation, my underlying career focus has been that of surfacing new value and removing barriers along the way. Yes, I remain an idealist who believes that petty interests (cordially known as “politics”) may slow down, but ultimately cannot stop innovation and human progress!

I have striven for the difficult to find balance between ideation and enactment, guided by what I believe to be the true north of scalable growth: talent empowerment and a focus on solutions.

Having functioned in organizations spanning the largest of multinationals to the three people start-up, I have learned to adapt those practices that best suit the situation, and gradually moved away from universal recipes disguised as best practices.

I see confidence as my most important professional achievement, simply because, just like leadership, it isn’t a tradable commodity. I also see listening and compassion as the most compelling evidence of true strength.

In my own flirtation with globalization, creativity and resilience have produced superior results to those obtainable through exploitation of established practices or speculation of information and contacts.